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Notes from the Adjudicator


Welcome to  Ashton Rugby Club, and to the annual Whit Friday Brass Band march contest. 

As usual I am looking forward to hearing all of the bands, old and new, local and international, who will playing a range of popular and lesser known marches. Last year we had many of my favourites, plus a few old gems and more unusual pieces that prompted much reminiscing and comment from the audience.

From an adjudication perspective, I always look for the basics - tuning, balance, rhythm, tempo, and all the right notes in the right places! Good dynamics allow you to portray the mood of the music to your audience, and attention to this often adds the final polish to a piece, resulting in a greater performance. Please do remember though, it is a march and your band should be able to march to the music comfortably!

I hope that all the bands enjoy their moment in the spotlight, I know that I am looking forward to hearing all of these talented, enthusiastic and dedicated musicians playing.


Good luck to each participating band, I hope that you have an enjoyable and successful day, with maybe a prize to top off the event!Happy banding to you all!

Duncan Beckley

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