Whit Friday Contests – 9th June 2017

J000211 Whit Friday Band 2017 A5

Tameside Overall Local Prizes

What constitutes a local band differs across the borough, but Tameside’s Local Prizes must to be allocated to a band which resides within 6 miles radius of Ashton Town Hall Steps. This was ratified by The Friends of Tameside Whit Friday Brass Band Contest in 2013.

Individual Contests – Total Prize Money

Main Prizes : £5400 Total Prizes : £19035

Tameside Whit Friday Open Champions

Main Prize : £2,500 Total Prizes : £6,300

Tameside Youth Champions

Main Prize: £200 Total Prize: £300

Total Prizes in Tameside

Main Prize : £7,900 Total Prizes : £25335

Future contests:

25th May 2018