Whit Friday Contests – 20th May 2016


Tameside Overall Local Prizes

What constitutes a local band differs across the borough, but Tameside’s Local Prizes must to be allocated to a band which resides within 6 miles radius of Ashton Town Hall Steps. This was ratified by The Friends of Tameside Whit Friday Brass Band Contest in 2013.

Individual Contests – Total Prize Money

Main Prizes : £5,050 Total Prizes : £17,340

Tameside Whit Friday Open Champions

Main Prize : £2,500 Total Prizes : £6,300

Tameside Youth Champions

Main Prize: £200 Total Prize: £300


Total Prizes in Tameside

Main Prize : £7,750 Total Prizes : £23,600

Future contests:

9th June 2017

Brass Bands across the Country are fine tuning their assets in preparation for next year’s Whit Friday Brass Band Contest, the Contest, dubbed ‘the greatest free show on earth!’ attracts thousands of people to Tameside to enjoy brass band music of the highest calibre.

Each committee contributes towards awards of almost £15,000. Coupled with £6000 prize money from Tameside Council, over £21,000 is up for grabs in the Borough.

To be in line to win the prestigious ‘Tameside Whit Friday Champions’ title, bands have to perform at six of the eleven contest’s. So, not only does it test the band’s musical prowess, it also tests their discipline, stamina and organisational skills, with bands constantly on the move in their quest for the Whit Friday crown.

Please be aware there will be a number of road closures in place on the evening, including the closure of Broadoak Road between its junction with Ladbroke Road and Waterloo Road.

For more information about the event contact the Arts and Events team at the Council on (0161) 342 4144.

Details of individual contests can be found on the venue pages of this website.